It may be time to take another look…from a different viewpoint.

 IMG_7420I took an art class in 8th grade and we learned how to shade correctly, use pastels, paint with watercolor, draw (to the best of our ability) our classmates, and even did abstract projects that consisted of us turning regular outdated objects into a beautiful artistic piece. However out of all the cool projects, sketches, and crazy out-of-the-box thinking the one week that really stood out to me was the week that we learned about perspective. As an 8th grader in my middle school class room, I had never heard the Lord speak into something so simple and so profound before in my life and it’s helped me in every decision I’ve made since. Perspective is an interesting word mainly because it has several definitions but the one I am focusing mostly on today is it’s “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; however, the definition from an artists point of view is what got me to look more into this word. See the picture to the left? If an artist were to take the task of drawing this picture they would first set the horizon line which is the first thing to catch the viewers eye . Then they would set up vanishing points which are sometimes unseen by the eye but have everything to do with the final look of the object. For example, the difference between a two-dimensional building and three-dimensional building, on paper, is the slant of the building but if every line doesn’t line-up somewhere, like a vanishing point, then the building will look very silly and unrealistic. As we went through all of the techniques of perspective I began to realize that this had a life-lesson hidden somewhere in the meaning and that this wasn’t just a silly art lesson. For instance, let’s say your day starts out with a good cup of coffee, a really great compliment, and you find money on the ground; this is going to give you a really good perspective on every decision you make for that day. However, on the flip side, let’s say your day begins with oversleeping, you’re hot water heater went out, and you were late to work; this is going to give you a really bad perspective on every decision you make for the day. Why? Because your vanishing point has started from either a place of happiness or frustration. That’s simple but my next example may be something you hadn’t quite thought about. Say you’re stuck in the same sin you’ve been dealing with for years, you are having to face a friend that you’ve had a problem with recently, or you feel like you’re always getting stuck in the same situation…here’s a secret FIND A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE. I’ve found myself in many situations I never thought I would be in; ministering to my friends who believed they were lesbian, almost experiencing death when my appendix decided it would just erupt like a volcano, moving to a different school and town in the middle of my “glory years” (high school), and even feeling like I never had a testimony and therefore would not have a destiny that actually mattered. Now these may seem silly to you but I know we all have had our major high points in life and definitely our lows and these are just a few of mine. Nevertheless in every one of those situations I decided to get a different perspective on it and make my vanishing point reflect Jesus instead of my own selfish desires.

Isaiah 55:8-9 says,”For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Paul shows us many times in his writings how he would switch perspectives through trials and tribulation. Read through his epistles and just count how many times he says something like (Paige translation),”Even though I am tired, weary, and a little frustrated, God is good and the prayers of His people have urged me to move forward all for the furthering of the Kingdom of Heaven.” David! The Psalms are full of situations where David changes perspective. Grant it, some people think he is crazy and possibly a little bipolar but have you ever thought what happened for David to go from “Woe me, I am scared, alone, and going to die” to “Bless the Lord, Oh my soul, You are healer, protector, and have delivered me.” I personally think that David had a supernatural encounter of some sorts and in that moment he chose to make a conscious decision of what his vanishing point would reflect, and that was Jesus. Just think about it, if you ever find yourself in a situation and your other “strategies” or “plans” have not worked then I dare you to try and take a step back just to look at it from a different perspective, a different angle, maybe with a squint of the eye and see what is revealed to you as you follow each step, line, or shadow back to the vanishing point…the Word made Flesh! Everything has to line up with His Word in order for your picture to form without looking distorted. Get a Heavenly perspective and release it on the earth, just like we are taught in Matthew 6, “…Your kingdom come, Your WILL BE DONE on earth as it is in heaven…”


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